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Steel Door Manufacturer - AE DOORS - Everest Products (Ireland)

Since the early 1980s, Hollow metal door industry around the world experienced massive changes and continual its growth which driven by the constant innovation.

Modern steel door has developed its famously strong, It provides the best long-term value in the door and frame industry, It lasts longer and requires the fewest repairs, and also, it is sturdier than others doors.

A beneficial byproduct of the strength and durability of hollow metal door is the competitive overall cost, As years pass, Steel doors can be simply repaired in the field while softer, less durable wood doors will have to be replaced.

The natural strength of steel doors also outperforms other materials in incomprehensible security, up to 4 hours or 260 mins fire rating, better acoustic sound reduction, vandal resistance and sanitation.

Also, there are still numbers additional advantages such as to help the environment for LEED as steel is the most recyclable material in the world.

Thanks to the powder coating technology, nowadays, Steel doors offer endless options for attractive appearances and versatility allows it to satisfy the aesthetic requirements of more and more building projects.

Fire Doors

AE DOORS (Ireland) undertake numbers of Fire Testing Research by UK also EU Notified Body to certify the Fire Rated Door / Fire Rated Smoke Control Door / Fire Rated Glazing Door / Fire Rated Louvered Metal Door.

Weather Resistant Doors

AE DOORS (Ireland) undertake the weather performance classification include Air Permeability, Water Tightness, and Wind Resistance Testing Research by the INAB Accredited Testing Laboratory to certify the Weather resistant door set.

CE Marked Doors

AE DOORS (Ireland) undertake the Factory Production Control system (FPC) and Annual Audit Surveillance (AAS) by EU Notified Body to certify the CE Marked door set in compliance with Construction Products Regulation (CPR) EU 305/2011.

Energy Save Doors

AE DOORS (Ireland) undertake the Thermal Transmittance Calculations by UKAS Notified Body to certify the variable U-Value of CE Marked door set in compliance with Construction Products of TGD part L.

Acoustic Doors

AE DOORS (Ireland) undertake the Acoustic Testing Research by the members of Institute of Acoustics in NSAI standard laboratory also ISO standard to certify the Acoustic Rated Metal Door set.

Security Doors

AE DOORS (Ireland) undertake the Security Testing Research by UKAS Notified Body to certify the Solid Security door also Glazed Security door set.

Our metal door products has been supplied in many area

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Data Center

Our Qualification:
Quality Management System: ISO 9001:2015 certified
Fire doors compliant: EN1634-1
Fire Smoke Control doors compliant: EN1634-3
CE marked doors compliant: EN14351-1
External CE marked fire doors compliant: EN16034
Thermal Calculation compliant: EN ISO 10077-1
Acoustic Calculation compliant: EN ISO 10140-2
Security performance compliant: BS PAS24 EQ EN1627
Weather Resistance Compliant: BS6375 Part 1
Air permeability compliant: EN 1026
Water tightness compliant: EN 1027
Resistance to wind load compliant: EN 12211