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AE DOORS (Ireland) is the metal door manufacturer and contractor who committed to the principles of quality assurance in order to maintain the highest quality of metal door products and service to our customers.
As a member of Everest Products Group - A global metal door and hardware corporation concentrates on design and development of architectural ironmongery and metal doors, AE Doors (Ireland) substantial focus on the steel door fabrication and steel door solutions of modern building projects.
Bespoke quality control system for the manufacturing of metal doors introduced to guarantee the top level quality of all products and an internal management system of Everest Products Group introduced to guarantee the top level of services.
AE DOORS (Ireland) undertake the Fire Testing Research by EXOVA Warringtonfire (UK) Notified Body No. 1314 to certify the Fire Rated / Fire Smoke Doors and Fire Rated Glazing / Louvered Doors.
AE DOORS (Ireland) also undertake the Factory Production Control system (FPC) and Annual Audit Surveillance (AAS) by TUV (Netherlands) Notified Body No. 0336 to certify the CE Marked door set in compliance with Construction Products Regulation (CPR) EU 305/2011.

 Manufacturing Facility - Dublin

The manufacturing facility located in Dublin city walkinstown and just beside M50 high way access.
Double production line backed up to each other ensure delivery time exactly on schedule.
EPGM manufacturing control system to guarantee all products on top quality level.
All construction contracts are managed with project managing system in current building regulations.
Custom made steel door set to suit variable structural opening sizes and different specification for each projects.
Steel doors fabricated from raw material-DX51 Z275 Galvanized or stainless steel sheet all made in EU.
Door metal work includes sheet metal fabrication on working with top brand luxury German fully automation CNC equipment.
Pre-designed CAD drawing for sheet metal fabrication with 0.01mm tolerance.
3D analog-digital conversion programmed on all folding parts,Diagonal U channel reinforced on extra large size.
Spot welding and mixed gas protection arc welding introduced to guarantee structural stability.
Variable hinge quantity and position depends on geometric design for size and weight.
All digital control metal works to provide top level uniformity to all doors.
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Standards & legislation

Raw Material Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel compliant: EN 10346:2009
Fire doors compliant: EN1634-1:2014.
Fire Smoke Control doors compliant: EN1634-3 :2001.
CE marked doors compliant: EN14351-1:2006+A1:2010
Thermal Calculation compliant: EN ISO 10077-1:2006
Acoustic Calculation compliant: EN ISO 10140-2:2010
Air permeability compliant: EN 1026:2000
Water tightness compliant: EN 1027:2000
Resistance to wind load compliant: EN 12211:2000

         AE DOORS - Everest Products (Ireland) 

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